The Blue Mountains

Australia never fails to amaze me. Every different state features something so unique to the other, and the scenery – whether it being the ocean or mountains, can be breathtakingly beautiful. Yesterday I had another moment, a moment much different to anything I’ve experienced here before. We’ve been staying within The Blue Mountains, just outside Sydney, for the past couple of days, and our day exploring the gorgeous area was memorable, to say the least. 


A lovely lady who helped run the Hostel we stayed at provided us with a map for the day, pointing out all of the lookouts in the area we should see. The first place we arrived at was named Sublime Lookout, and to be honest, the name speaks for itself. I was speechless and I didn’t quite know what to do or think. It has been the first time where I wasn’t desperate to use my camera as I wanted to take it all in, plus none of the photographs I took did any of it justice. It was spectacular, absolutely beautiful. I felt incredibly lucky to be where I was at that moment, but also sad that my friends and family weren’t there to experience it with me.

Next was Wentworth Falls – every lookout we went to had a similar view, but all were equally as incredible. We took a 30 minute walk (there and back) to take a look at the beautiful waterfall, taking the views of Jamison Valley all in.

The Sunset


Catching sunsets in Australia was always high on the list. It was recommended by the lady at our Hostel to visit The Blue Mountain’s most popular spot as the sun went down. I’ll admit, Google didn’t really sell this to me, so I wasn’t expecting too much. But one thing I have realised is that photographs on Google don’t do anything in Australia justice, and I was completely blown away by The Three Sisters. I guess you could call them the Twelve Apostles of The Blue Mountains – but they are a must see, especially during the sunset to witness something extra special.

I didn’t know what to expect from the Blue Mountains, but as I say about most places we’ve travelled to during our two week long road trip, I’m so glad we spent a day here. The views were insane, absolutely beautiful, there are walks for everyone and every part of it left me speechless.


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