Bondi Beach

I’ve found that since travelling, my favourite places in Australia thus far have all been places we have accidentally found or had been recommended by somebody living in Australia. Tourists are quick to flock to the popular, well known attractions, but I find it so rewarding discovering beautiful new places that blow me away. During our stay in Sydney, we had to visit Bondi and see what all of the fuss was about, but we ended up finding something just as special that afternoon.

Bondi Beach


Let’s talk about Bondi Beach itself first. This is probably the most excited I’ve been to see a beach, I mean, it’s an iconic location isn’t it? Unfortunately for us, we were only in Sydney for a few days and those days were the busiest time of year. We expected it to be busy, but nothing could prepare me for the hustle and bustle and crowds of people surrounding the area, especially after spending 7 weeks on beaches in Queensland. Nether the less, it was still a surreal feeling being there.

I admit, I wasn’t immediately blown away, it was just another Australian beach, just way busier, surfers and skaters were everywhere, there was a positive vibe everywhere we looked and in general, it was a brilliant atmosphere.  After a quick mooch, we headed to Bondi Icebergs, another iconic location when thinking of Australia. As soon as we got there, it was difficult to take in. I’ve seen this view everywhere all over the internet and now I’m taking the same picture, uploading the same picture. It was one of those “wow moments” you often get in Sydney, and the most of Australia.

I imagine Bondi to be busy on a regular day, but nothing could prepare me for the hustle and bustle of Bondi, especially being so used to the quiet beaches in Queensland. At first, it seemed like another beach to me. I wasn’t immediately blown away, but I was fully aware I was in a place that was so iconic when thinking of Australia. Surfers were everywhere, beach goers were playing volleyball and skateboarders were skating around all over the place. It definitely had the “cool vibes” I expected.

I think to fully appreciate the beach for what it is, exploring on a winters day, when much quieter, would be recommended. We only had New Year’s Day to visit, most likely the busiest day of the year, meaning our afternoon was cut short… (I don’t like busy beaches).

The Secret


Before we stopped off at Bondi, Jack and I  carried on driving around the corner (it was busy, we couldn’t find anywhere at all to park), to see what else Bondi had to offer. That’s when we stumbled across a beautiful, yet simple, coastal walk, a 5 minute drive away from tourists and crowds at Watson’s Bay. We were more blown away by the views this walk provided than Bondi Beach itself. The cliff displayed pretty views of the sea, as well as glimpses of Sydney Harbour Bridge in the distance and gorgeous homes overlooked the sea. We fell in love, it was a photographers dream, and were so surprised how quiet this location was. If you are looking to escape the business of Bondi, I would highly recommend following the road around and spending time enjoying the prettier and quieter places Bondi has to offer.


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